Tips From M&A Professionals How to Sell Your Business

A complex process can be simplified using a well-thought-out plan and executed correctly. You can improve your chances for success by following through on every part of that plan.

7 Steps to Sell a Business Fast

Complex processes can often be made easier by thinking through them carefully before starting out. To increase your odds of succeeding, follow through on each step of that plan.

Step One: Prepare a CIM

An NDA is an agreement between two parties where each party agrees not to disclose any proprietary information obtained during negotiations without prior consent from the other party. An NDA may be signed before or after a sale takes place. A confidentiality agreement is similar to an NDA but usually covers less sensitive topics. A good CIM is a foundation for everything else related to selling your company. It really doesn’t matter if you use an app for scheduling meetings, tracking expenses,


  • It allows you to save significant amounts of time by reducing wasted time with potential clients.
  • It makes sure everything goes smoothly.
  • A CIM can improve the value of your company and might help prevent lawsuits after-sales.

An ideal buyer’s market would involve an experienced intermediary who knows exactly what potential buyers want from a seller. As a business owner, it may be hard for you to objectively assess your own company. However, a professional who doesn’t know anything about your industry can provide objective advice.

Step Two: Confidentially Market Your Business

Find out who your ideal customer is.

To identify your ideal customer, you need to understand your business and its market thoroughly.

Before deciding whether to sell your company, consider who would be best suited to buy your business.

Do they need expertise in your field?

  • You may want to market your business privately through trade publications and other media aimed specifically at people who own companies similar to yours.
  • You may be able to use different types of marketing techniques if they don’t work out for you.

Put together a strategy for attracting buyers who want to buy your business.

After identifying the ideal buyer type for the business, design a marketing strategy to appeal to them. Don’t rely solely on one approach to attract buyers.

Step Three: Screen Buyers and Email Them Your CIM

Screening potential buyers before listing your business for sale

Next up is screening potential clients. Most client requests come via e‑mail. Serious buyers usually ask for more details when they’re interested in buying something. It’s not unusual. Before sending out any confidential information, including basic information about your company, request their signature on an NDA form.

An NDA is an agreement between two parties who

Take them through each stage of the sales funnel until they’re ready to buy from you. You should include a brief paragraph mentioning that you’re offering a complete CIM (customizable image map) for sale if anyone signs up for your mailing list.

If someone isn’t serious about purchasing a business, they won’t be able to get through our application form. If buyers don’t feel they need one, they won’t ask for one.

Make sure your non-disclosure agreement (NDA) Make sure people don’t think signing multiple documents and filling out long forms means they’ve seen everything important about your company. Screening potential clients at this stage involve using minimum requirements for screening out non-qualified prospects. Send an email to potential clients who meet certain criteria.